Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Signs

Turn up your sound and watch what JD has learned at school. Ashley and I are so proud of him!!!

Happy Birthday Granny Meg!

May 31st we celebrated a special lady. My brother and I put our heads together and planned a birthday get-together for our family at his house in Chapel Hill. Since her birthday fell on a holiday weekend, it was a great time for us to take a little road trip. So, one mom, two kids, and six grandchildren got to spend some quality time together.

My brother made an amazing birthday meal for my mom and she had fun opening presents.

The cake was definitely a hit with the kids! 39 looks great on Granny Meg!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and hope that you have a wonderful year.

Gilfillan Family Vacation

Typically we do not go on vacation until August. Ashley and I got married in August so for the past 8 years we have coordinated our vacations around our anniversary. This year, thanks to planning by Sandra and Will, we went on vacation early!

We had such a wonderful time; the weather was gorgeous- not too hot (as it often is in August) and the sun was out every day. We hung out at the pool, at the beach, at the playground and the Veteran's Memorial park. The week went by faster than we wanted it to, but we were so happy to get to spend a week with the boys and Ashley's parents relaxing (sort of) and having fun.

The boys are ready to go back!