Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt

It is hard to believe that this is was our little bear just one year ago today. He has grown up so much over the past year and been such a joy to our family.
We celebrated Wyatt's birthday by going out to eat Mexican and then coming home and enjoying some cupcakes and singing! He is going to have a little party on Saturday, but he had fun with just his mom, dad and brothers today. Tomorrow he is taking a cookie cake over to Mrs. Heather's house to share; he is definitely making the most of this milestone birthday.

We started his birthday by going for his one year well visit! Wyatt weighs 23 lbs 9 oz (55%) and is 31 inches long (87%). The doctor was pleased, and of course we think he is perfect.
Happy Birthday P bear. We all love you so much.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For about 3 weeks the big boys have been acting really bad at bedtime. They get in bed without much fuss, but when it is time to actually go to sleep, the trouble begins.

Our problems range from the need for water, the need for hugs, kisses, the light on, the door open, a baby (stuffed animal), a different blanket, a diaper change.
Then we also have hitting, biting, pinching, pulling hair and spitting on each other. All these come together and the result is screaming from one or both of them that usually wakes up P and sends both Ashley and I into orbit.

What happened to my sweet little bears that kissed us goodnight and never made another peep?

After nights of time outs and spanks, I decided to make a sticker chart tonight. Our "Bedtime Bears" chart is hung on the fridge and every boy has a column. If they get a sticker every day for a week, they can chose a prize. Part of me is annoyed that I have to resort to this, but I am also pretty psyched that it is 9:07, they are quiet, and I am watching some AI.

I fear that this success may be short-lived, so I welcome advise if anyone has dealt with this.

Birthday Boy

Tomorrow I celebrate the one year anniversary of the best surprise I have ever gotten.
An answer to my prayers.
The baby I never thought we'd have.
Tomorrow it's my P bear's birthday.

He has been such a good baby since the minute he was born. He has been a perfect addition to our family and I can not wait to watch him eat his first piece of cake.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

I get it.
Valentine's Day is a purely commercial holiday. Roses are over-priced, and dinner at any restaurant is crowded.
Even so, I am excited. My mom and step-dad are keeping the boys tomorrow night so that I get a night with my Valentine.
We do not have anything big planned, but it will be great. Dinner and conversation...probably about our three little Valentines.

I love you Ashley!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


John and Andy are very into whole names. We name family members and they give us the person's whole name.

Tonight at the table:

Me: "Do you know Nana's name?
JD: "Sandra Woods Gilfillan" (Her maiden name is actually "Wood", but that is close so I give it to him)
Me: "Ok very good, what is Granny Meg's name?"
JD: "Meg Kalmbach"
Me: "Very good. What about Pop?
JD: "Kenneth Gene Kalmbach"
Me: "Good. What about Daddy?"
Andy: "Ashley Robinson Gilfillan" (No, but he is combining my name with Ashley's name, plus Robert and Robinson are similar, so I think that is pretty good).

I do not have time to correct him though; John beats me to it.

JD: "No Andy, it's Robrett Ashley Gilfillan"
Me: "Okay, what about Papa?"


JD:"Wiggie Hills Gilfillan"
I just died laughing and did not even correct him. It was too cute to correct.
For some reason this still makes me die laughing, hours later.

In case you are wondering, Papa's name is actually Willie Higgins Gilfillan.

Friday, February 6, 2009

31 going on 20

Recently I was talking to my friend Anna on the phone when her age came up. WHAT?? Really? Seriously? You're 36? Not that 36 seems old, but she just DOES NOT seem 36...
She said, "yea, 36 going on 27."
We laughed and agreed.
Since then I have decided that I am 31 going on 20.
Many parts of growing up have hit me. I am married, I have an adult house, an adult job, adult bills, and even three kids.
Somehow I still feel like a 20 year old.
My socks never match and I think bathroom humor is hysterical. I have been known to listen to loud recently as yesterday and I still speak in the same "gangsta" speak that I did in college. It's stupid, but it makes me laugh.

Given my ways, it should not shock me when my boys say things like "holla", right??!

Last night at dinner John stood up in his chair, waved his hands in the air and said, "P bear's in the hizzie. You're in the hizzie, Wyatt!!"

Ooof. Time to grow up. For me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still sick

My poor bears are still sick. John is the only one who has gotten well since my last post.
Both Andrew and Wyatt are still fighting ear infections (same old one for Andrew and a new one for Wyatt). Poor P bear has had respiratory issues and now an ear infection, but nothing is worse than vomiting. I thought we had an enormous amount of laundry under normal circumstances.

Please keep us in your prayers.
I want all the boys to be well enough to celebrate Wyatt's first birthday in style.