Friday, August 6, 2010


Our first home was a patio home in Chapin. Ashley and I were so happy to buy our first little place. It was brand new with new carpet and white walls. I have memories of watching "friends" and jogging around the neighborhood, Ashley always five feet in front of me. We had dinners for two. Life was simple.

In no time we wanted to move. We found a cute little house in Earlewood that we loved. It was old. Original hardwood floors. Bright walls. Tons of character. We re-did the kitchen together. We got two dogs. And a cat. We wished for kids. We realized we wanted something safer, so decided to move again.

We decided to build in Irmo. We loved our floor plan. We chose tile and granite, fixtures and grout. We hoped and prayed for a baby. We got two!!! Less than two years later, we got another baby!!! Our cat ran away. Our babies learned to walk. The days passed by...filled with noise and tears and smiles.

Here we go again. I still can't believe that we are moving, even though a month of packing should be enough to make it sink in. Next week we are heading for Lexington. Another older home this time (this seems to be a pattern). The week after we move we will celebrate our anniversary.

9 years
4 houses
3 boys
2 dogs
1 happy life