Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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My boys will go to kindergarten next year. How could I ever describe these two amazing boys on 5 lines? Do I start with a plea not to let anything happen to my precious sons? I could begin by describing my boys as strong-willed, but the person reading would have no idea just had strong they are. As their mother I guess I will always go back to those first days and how my little scrapers proved everyone who said that there would be setbacks wrong.

After completing their registration forms, I realized that I had made no mention of their prematurity anywhere on the forms. I've got to let it go and move on. They have.

Instead I stuck to the relevant facts about their academic progress in the small space provided for comments...even though there was just enough room for me to ask if I could still call every day.

I left the school with a few fliers that gave some hints like "read to your child this summer" and "take a trip to the public library". But alas, no hand out for how to face the fact that your child is growing up (and you're not getting any younger). Hopefully by the time Wyatt enrolls at Midway, that will be available. I am definitely going to need it.