Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day should be relaxing and restful. It should be a day where your children listen and you feel appreciated and loved for all the you do for them 365 days a year. Father's Day should be a day filled with good food, you should watch what you want on TV, and everything should go your way.

Father's Day at our house was not exactly what it should have been. It included whining, fighting, more whining, pants wetting, and hitting (all before church). It also included gifts that need to be returned, complaining, Noggin watching, temper tantrums, time outs and laundry.

Ashley, even though it was not the best day, we love you and hope that you know that you are the best dad and husband we could ever ask for.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Andrew and John started swimming lessons tonight. They are taking lessons from a girl who gives private lessons at her house. I just found out tonight that she teaches lessons in order to pay for college. How impressive. You have to respect someone who, at age 20, has the maturity to work themselves through school. That makes the price a little more palatable, as does the ease with which they went to bed tonight.

When we arrived, Sarah was wrapping up another lesson. The boys were clinging to me like little koala bears. They wanted nothing to do with Sarah. It did not take long though and she had them jumping to her, practicing kicks, paddling and putting their face in the water. John, as usual, wanted to please her and did everything that she said to do. Andrew was his usual self as well. When asked to practice his kicks he said in his most put upon voice, "Acck Miss Sarah, I already did that!"

The boys already made progress in one lesson; in two weeks I hope to have two doggie padddlers on my hands.

29 again

Happy Birthday Me. Today I turned 29...again. Same as last year, and the year before and get the picture. My goal is to forget how old I actually am.

My birthday celebration actually started yesterday when Ashley asked me to leave work early! I thought we'd go on the lake for a quick boat ride and be at Heather's by 5:30 or 6:00 to pick up the boys. That would have been awesome because we never get to hang out on the lake. Of course, Ashley always makes things **extra special** for me, so he worked it out so that his mom would go get the boys. That meant our short boat ride turned into hours on the water and a late dinner at my favorite place, Miyo's! We had a wonderful time looking at the houses on the lake, talking about old times, and hanging out when the idea to wake board hit me. This is something that I have not done since having kids. Not a smart idea for someone wishing to forget how old they are. "Stiff" does not even begin to describe my back and shoulders as a result of this decision....but it was fun.

Today I slept a little late (present #1) and then had a great day getting numerous phone calls and gifts from friends and family. My mom took me to lunch at Brix and then we went to Ann Taylor together where I got an awesome new shirt (in addition to the gifts she had already given me which were too much)!! I returned to work to an ice cream cake and singing!!

Several phone calls and emails wishing me happy birthday later, I was off to get the bears. Tonight was Andrew and John's first swimming lesson (more on that later).

When I got home Ashley surprised with me gifts from the boys. He also made me a candy cake with candles. The boys helped me blow them out, of course.

What a special birthday.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people who make me feel very loved.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saluda Shoals Park

One of the highlights of our weekend was a trip to Saluda Shoals Park. This was the boys first trip to the splash pad and all three of them LOVED it!

Wyatt did not wear his bathing suit but as you can see, that did not keep him from enjoying the water.

John climbed on the jungle gym beside the splash pad.

The boys waited anxiously for the water to squirt them again!

Wyatt got worn out rather quickly.

The big bears went back and forth between the playground and the water.


We had to take P's wet clothes off for the ride home. Look at those legs!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pete and Repeat

Our older boys repeat everything. Actually, I am wrong, they mostly repeat the things that we do not want them to repeat. They don't repeat the pleases, thank yous, sirs and ma'ams nearly as often as we'd like.

Like most families, Ashley and I have taken to spelling to each other in order to have conversations that are ours alone. We spell things we do not want repeated and spell out conversations that are too mature for little ears. Car accidents, deaths, hospitalizations...we spell it all...the operative words anyway.

So tonight at dinner, I spelled a cuss word to Ashley. (You know, for effect). Well guess what?? A little parrot to my right spelled it right back not once, not twice, but THREE times.

How does that happen when they can not remember the spelling of their own four letter names?

Maybe it's time for Ashley and I to start signing.

Last Night's Compliments

From Andy:

Hugging me he said, "Mama, you're my sweet baby!" (Wonder where he has heard that)?

From John:

"Mama, I like your outfit. Your pants are very skirty." ( I had on a skirt).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny Meg

Sunday was Granny Meg's birthday; I am not sure if she turned 63 or 36 but we had a great time helping her celebrate. Sunday night our 5 showed up at her house with Chinese for dinner and had dinner, cake and ice cream and presents. Below you can see her pretty cake and gorgeous flowers that my brother sent her.
Mom (aka Granny Meg) and the boys

Wyatt decided to put his hand in the icing!

Andrew supervising Pop as he sets up the candles.

And finally, my favorite picture: Andrew helping Honey clean up under Wyatt's chair. What are we going to do with this child?
Mom, I love you very much and was so happy to spend your birthday with you. Have a wonderful year!