Friday, August 21, 2009

Wyatt's well visit

On August 19th, Wyatt had his 18 month well visit.

He is in the 50% for height at 25 pounds 8 ounces and 75% for height at 33 inches tall.

Some of my favorite things that he says:

"mama, hold me"

"love lou" (love you)

"nigh nigh" (night night)

Wyatt's favorite thing to say:


Where does the time go??

I decide that the thought of moving home for the summer cramps my style. My parents decide that footing the bill for my summer (if I'm not taking classes) cramps their style. Fair enough. I can get a job.

I'll wait tables. Who cares that I have never done it before?? There is training, right?
Yes, sure there is! Ashley will be your trainer. I was expecting a girl named Ashley, but could not have been more wrong.

So there you have it. The "girl" I was expecting to train me turned out to be the cutest guy I had ever seen with the bluest eyes imaginable. I was swooning.

What started as a crush turned into a proposal...although it took patience on my part.

August 18, 2001.

I marry that wonderful guy and begin my life as a Gilfillan.

8 years and 3 children later I could not be happier.

I just do not understand, where does the time go??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Triple Stroller

Man, I would love a triple stroller, but have you priced those things? Ridiculous.
The time to get a triple stroller would have been right when Wyatt was born. When we had three under two. When everyone was in diapers. The problem is that when you have three in diapers, you typically do not have an extra 700.00 bucks to blow on a stroller.

My next stroller wish would be a twin jogging stroller; it needs to have a bench seat though so I can squeeze my three into a space for two. This plan would save me a couple hundred bucks and would allow me to take my boys on walks that are actually fast enough to count as exercise.

The reality is that no one (including Wyatt) wants to stay in a stroller long enough anymore to make it worth the still very expensive price tag for a twin jogger (if I could even find one with a bench seat).

So when everyone wants to ride....we improvise!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation Part II

The second half of our week was spent in Edisto. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. Ashley was able to join us Thursday and Friday which made the week complete!

Panoramic view of the beach
Wyatt playing in the sand
John coming out of the ocean...if you have a child who needs assistance swimming, this swimmie is the best flotation device ever invented. Unlike a life jacket, which pushes a child's head forward, this supports their neck and chest in the front and allows the child to "swim". This discovery (thanks to Libby Tucker) allows us to take the kids swimming without an extra adult.

Andrew having fun with his watering can.

The last day we were in Edisto, we decided to drive to Charleston for the afternoon. It was an hour drive through the most rural parts of South Carolina that I have ever seen. The boys loved Charleston too. They were troopers while we walked all over downtown. We did have to stop to rest our feet a few times.

Last stop...the fountain! The boys LOVED it. I can not wait to take them back.

It was a great week. I am hoping for a repeat over Labor Day...or any random weekend.

Vacation Part I

Our family just wrapped up a two part vacation that consisted of half a week having fun in Columbia and another half a week having fun at the beach. "Our family" is actually a stretch because Ashley worked most of the week, but it was wonderful for me to be off work.

Saturday our fun started with a visit from Granddaddy Terry and GG.
We washed the car, went to visit my Granna Ann, visited the zoo and Saluda Shoals Splash Pad. I could not have asked for a better start to my week off with the bears.

Andy was not really interested in helping. John was a worker, Wyatt had fun splashing and Andy spent a lot of time letting us know how displeased he was with the whole thing.

We got to see the vultures at feeding time. The zookeepers fed them raw meat of some kind. I like sushi and all, but it was NAS-TY!!

Brotherly Love

Sometimes the boys are so sweet. Our little angels. Giving hugs and kisses, professing their love for each other and mommy and daddy. They even hold hands on their own.