Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

We celebrated the 4th by going to a water park for the day. We thought we were going to Nana and Papa's house for a cookout, but when we got there...THIS was waiting in the backyard.

The weather could not have been better and the boys had a WONDERFUL time playing on the water slide that Nana and Papa got them!! It is so awesome and will bring hours of enjoyment this summer. What an awesome day...

June Wrap Up

June was a big month for our family for several reasons:

June 16th- my birthday....my birthday was wonderful thanks to my wonderful family and friends. I got so many nice cards, phone calls and gifts! Everyone made me feel very special. While I appreciate all the well wishes, next year it won't hurt my feelings if no one notices. I have decided that getting older is for the birds.

June 17th- My Dad's birthday...this was a milestone for him because he turned 65! The countdown to retirement has officially begun.

June 18th- Father's Day...we did not do much to celebrate but don't confuse the lack of celebration for lack of appreciation and love for the awesome Dad's in my life! I love you Ashley, Dad, Kenny, Granddaddy TE and David!

June 24th...My mom and Kenny's wedding anniversary. At 12 I was slightly self centered and more concerned with how moving was going to impact my life. The real impact on my life has been having a great step-dad who loves me and has always done everything he could to help me.

June 26th- Nana's birthday...we celebrated with a party at my mom's house. It was a wonderful night complete with good food, good cake and good company.

June was good...did I mention swimming??!?!?

The boys went on a field trip to Saluda Shoals and had a ball! They get to swim almost every day at school and are having the best time!