Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bedtime Prayers

Tonight at bedtime Wyatt said, "I say my prayers."
We both folded our hands and closed our eyes and he prayed:

"Lord, I am phankful for Andrew, and John, and chips, and Mama, and Daddy and cereal. Amen."

Ashley and I may rank below chips, but at least he is praying!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been a long time...

Wow. It has been so long since I have blogged that I think the look and feel of the site is different. And I had to stop and think of what my password is. So much for my online baby book/memory book for the boys. It seems like the older that they get, the busier we get and I have not taken the time to stop and write about what we are doing.
I have thought about it numerous times, but was too lazy to go upstairs and get my laptop. Tonight I had the energy, but then got so annoyed with the speed (lack of) of my lap top, that I almost gave up. Thankfully Ashley got his MacBook for me and I am back in business...but I digress.

A major part of the aging thing that I wanted to share is that our sweet "baby" Pizzie turned three. Our happy go lucky, laid back little bear has definitely found his voice. He is quick to say "NO" these days, but that is part of being three, right?!? And hey, you gotta respect someone who knows what they want!

On February 18th, we celebrated our sweet P's third birthday. It fell on a Friday this year, which meant that John and Andrew had soccer practice that night. After practice we went out for a celebratory dinner at the restaurant of Wyatt's choice. He picked "Buffalo Wild Wings", his favorite because of the many TV's and delicious mac n' cheese. Those two things are definitely at the top of Wyatt's current Top 10 list.

The next day we had a few of Wyatt's friends over for a Buzz Lightyear party. Buzz and Woody are also high on the Top 10 list currently. The idea originally was that the boys would all dress up. They were all game in the beginning. As it turned out, John dressed as Handy "Mandy" (LOL!!) and I dressed as Jessie (think Jeans, boots, sheriff badge and cowboy hat) and everyone else came as themselves. The day was gorgeous and we were able to stay outside for the party (you never know in February what the weather will be) much to Wyatt's dismay. Spending time outdoors is not one of his favorite things to do. He prefers the comfort of the couch when possible.

After the party, Wyatt retired to the den to catch one of his favorite movies and then took a nap on the couch. That was the perfect finish to his birthday.

The next day we started potty training. Ashley and I had been talking it up for weeks and Wyatt promised that after he had his Buzz Lightyear party, he'd be ready. He kept his promise and has done really well. Unfortunately, he did break the lid off of the upstairs potty, so we effectively have a urinal in our hall bath.

All you can do is laugh.

Wyatt definitely keeps us laughing. That child says the funniest thing! Some recent Wyatt-isms include:
  • "Look at me, I'm extracising" as he moves his chunky thighs back and forth as if he is doing calf raises
  • "Let's watch Harryel" (meaning Ariel)
  • "I'm Bafiki"...or "Bufasa" (Lion King characters)
  • Don't Double Dip (talking to his brothers when they share cheese dip)
There are so many other things that I could go on and on. I can not wait to see how our little P bear will change over the next year. It seems like going from two years old to four years old is really the transition from baby to little boy...which is a little bittersweet for me. Of course I am excited to experience the next stage of parenting my little pumpkin.

Check him out!!