Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorable Memorial Day

John on his bike

Boys in the golf cart

Boys at the park with a little friend they met

Andrew in need of some "chopsticks" for his chapped lips

Boys hugging

Boys racing

Ash, Terry and P

7 hours away from Columbia is my dad's retirement home in Florida. Chances are that if you have watched many golf tournaments, you have seen where he is moving...when he retires in a couple of years.

The Villages is a golf community complete with cart paths all over the city, live entertainment 365 days a year rain or shine, golf courses, pools, rec centers, town squares, etc. The amenities go on and I can not name them all,so I will stop here.

We arrived Thursday night with 3 weary children, 5 bags, 2 bikes, and 1 potty and officially began our weekend on Friday morning.

We had a great time riding gold carts, going swimming, playing at the park, riding bikes, checking out the gators, dancing at the town square, eating ice cream and other various treats, and most importantly spending time with my Dad and Gail.

We had a not as great time breaking up fights, pulling the boys out of the water fountains/flower beds/off stage, keeping them from climbing every structure that they could get their feet on, and listening to some whining.

That is all par for the course though (no pun intended).

One VERY special thing happened while we were on vacation: P bear started walking. He is officially a toddler now. We were all so proud of him!! Yeah Wyatt!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wyatt's well visit

Our baby is 15 months old today. He had his 15 month well visit this morning which turned out to be one of the few "well" well-visits that he has ever had.
It turns out that P is in the 50th % for weight at 25.1 and a whopping 95th% for height.
Daddy's best shot at a basketball player.
Is he walking? No.
Has he given up the bottle? No, not totally.
The doctor went on to tell me that I can start giving time outs now (FOR WHAT?) and said that we would probably start to see temper tantrums soon. According to our doctor, it's very important not to do anything to encourage that behavior (AND LET MY BABY CRY?) and that we should try to encourage him to move away from infancy.

3 shots later and we were leaving. Me and my baby.
Passy in the mouth, cellulite on the legs, just like I like 'em.
He's probably my last, so I am hanging on to the baby in P (with all my might).

Sorry Dr. Castles.

For all you Blues Clues Lovers...

Friday night we pulled up behind a white truck with a huge Tiger paw on the back window.

John (from the backseat), "Look Mama, a clue, a clue, an orange clue!!"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Perfect Day:

Wake up late (thank you, Ash).

Only change one diaper (thank you, Ash).

Open 4 of the sweetest cards I've ever read (thank you, Ash).

Eat cinnamon crisp bagel from Panera (thank you, Ash).

Take my time getting ready (thank you, Ash).

Go to church carrying a pimp new hand bag that I L-O-V-E (thank you, Ash).

Eat amazing lunch to which I made no contribution (thank you, Ash and Will).

Sit on the couch while my kitchen gets cleaned (thank you, Ash).

Take a nap while the boys run errands (thank you, Ash).

Eat dinner outside at Which Wich (thank you, Ash).

Thanks Ash for making my Mother's Day so special. I love you and the boys.

Highlight from Mother's Day Weekend

On Saturday, after a wonderful day at the lake with Ashley's parents, we stopped by Publix on the way home. All five of us rarely go to the grocery store together.
Ashley had John and Wyatt in the cart in front of me and Andrew, unable to walk (no surprise to anyone) was hanging on my side like a little koala.

Just as I was signing the receipt, Andrew looked at the cashier and said in his precious little voice, "I tooted. I just tooted!"

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Potty case you care :)

Andrew has been dry all week!!
John has had about 10 accidents total all week!!

I am really proud.

Now, if we can just master #2.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I'll Miss

1. baby breath so sweet I could kiss Wyatt's gums.
2. being begged for "one more hug and one more 'tiss'" before bed (stalling).
3. high pitched singing in the backseat
4. little feet, little hands, little clothes, little dimples...all things little

Our boys are growing up so fast. Where does the time go?


Night and Day.
Frick and Frack.
Andrew and John.

They share a birthday, but not much else. One wants to please, one does what he pleases. We have been trying to get the boys to get into potty training for quite some time. John, the pleaser, tries and grins from ear to ear when he has success.
Andrew declares that he loves diapers and does not know how to potty.

I thought for sure that John would be potty trained months before Andrew even cared.

Turns out that you offer the right piece of chocolate, magic things happen.
Andrew went all day without having an accident today. He made up his mind that he is staying dry and that is that...(for today).
We will see what tomorrow holds.
Cross your fingers!!