Sunday, August 16, 2009

Triple Stroller

Man, I would love a triple stroller, but have you priced those things? Ridiculous.
The time to get a triple stroller would have been right when Wyatt was born. When we had three under two. When everyone was in diapers. The problem is that when you have three in diapers, you typically do not have an extra 700.00 bucks to blow on a stroller.

My next stroller wish would be a twin jogging stroller; it needs to have a bench seat though so I can squeeze my three into a space for two. This plan would save me a couple hundred bucks and would allow me to take my boys on walks that are actually fast enough to count as exercise.

The reality is that no one (including Wyatt) wants to stay in a stroller long enough anymore to make it worth the still very expensive price tag for a twin jogger (if I could even find one with a bench seat).

So when everyone wants to ride....we improvise!


Merritt Pace said...

Susan, SO FUNNY!!!! Yes, Steven and I really enjoyed Sunday morning. Thanks for the class suggestion! Hope that you are doing well. Have a super week!

amjackson said...

Oh My.....So super cute!! :)

The Comers said...

that's HILARIOUS! :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE IT! I'll bet you got many stares and a few under-the-breath comments over that one! Who cares anyway?!