Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

October has been a big month for the boys. They sang in big church, attended a couple birthday parties, went to a Halloween carnival at their new school and picked out pumpkins. Tomorrow they go to Harmon's with their school friends and Nana is going along for the field trip. So exciting.

Here I am with a little Lion, Diego and Batman. I am pretty sure Batman is picking his nose in this picture.

On October 11, the boys sang in big church. Our whole family was beaming with pride. As long as Ashley and I have been coming to FBC, I have been dreaming of the day when our child(ren) would be performing in church. It was so unreal to see them singing the songs that they have been practicing every week.

We were not sure what made Andrew decide to sit down, but we were just thankful that he stayed on stage.

The boys picked out their own pumpkins.

Here they are posing outside Granny Meg's house...it's so hard to get a picture of everyone smiling.

(Check out John's McQueen boots...those will show up again in another post)


Michelle said...

Your boys are just precious, Susan! I have loved having John and Andrew in preschool choir this year and having YOU to help! What a blessing!

Melinda said...

Susan, it was great to finally see you the other day at church. I really do hope all is well for you. Your boys are growing so much! I love their costumes. I'm thinking there's a Batman in our very near future (which is a welcome departure from all of our princess gear!). :)

ruangusaha said...

two thumbs up,,

full of love