Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funny Boys

I do not want to forget some of the funny (sometimes demanding) things that my boys say.
Here are couple of chuckles I got from them this week:

Driving in the car:
Andrew: "Mom, I want to watch Care Bears."
Me: "Well Andy I can not put it in right now because I am driving."
Me: "Andy, yelling is not the way to get you want, but I can't put a video in right now anyway because I am driving."
Andrew: "Yes, you can. Just pull over up here."

I tried not to let him see me smile. Seriously? Did my three year old just tell me to pull over to put in his video???

Upstairs in the playroom:
I was tired of the constant bickering but also trying to keep things in perspective after a day of being referee.
John and Wyatt were fighting over matchbox cars (again).

Me: "Boys, if you can not share then (me thinking of something I am going to follow through on and not wanting to make a big ordeal out of it)...I don't even know what to say."
John: "I know what to say! Wyatt, you need to go to bed!"

Good one, John. He caught me smiling over that comment. Very funny!

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