Friday, December 18, 2009

Breakfast with Daddy

When the big boys were somewhere between 18 months and two, Ashley began a tradition of taking them to breakfast once a week. Every Friday from then on, the boys have taken turns going to breakfast with their Dad. It is the topic of MANY conversations and almost as many fights at our house. The boys always want to discuss whose turn it is that week and Ashley and I have gotten to the point where we really need to start keeping a calendar to make sure that each boy gets their proper turn. Apparantly raising children and memory loss are correlated!

This week our baby bear got his first turn at going to breakfast with his dad! They went to Krispy Kreme naturally, since P adores doughnuts.
I can not believe that my baby is old enough to enter the rotation, but I am also happy about his most recent rite of passage. I'm most happy that I am married to such a wonderful father who takes the time to bond with his boys in such a special way!

Check out the hat!

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