Friday, January 1, 2010

Birthday Boy

1. Awesome sense of humor
2. Beautiful smile
3. Gorgeous eyes
4. Good listener
5. Leader of our family
6. Hard Worker
7. Back rubber
8. Wyatt Rocker
9. Heart of Gold
10. Caring friend
11. Laughs at my jokes
12. Tickles us (literally)
13. Dances in the den with me
14. Takes the boys to breakfast
15. Bill payer
16. Mouse trapper
17. stress reliever
18. Winks at his family
19. Calls me at work
20. Stays up late with me
21. Always drives
22. Feeds the dogs
23. Puts together toys for the boys
24. Cleans the house
25. Irons
26. Holds my hand at the movies
27. Makes me CDs
28. Pumps gas
29. Thanks me for dinner ( if it's good or not)
30. Gave me three beautiful sons
31. Taught me to budget (I try)
32. Sits on the beach with me even though he really doesn't want to
33. Gives the best hugs
34. Shares his dreams with me

Those are just a few things I love about Ashley (in no particular order).
Happy 34th, New Year's Baby!