Saturday, May 22, 2010

Complimentary Competition

Twins = competition. A and J constantly compete over who can run faster, talk louder, get dressed first, turn off the light first, walk down the stairs get the picture. So yea, there is a lot of free competition around here.
But that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about compliment mama competition- my favorite!!!

J: "Mom, I love your shirt!"
A: "I love your shirt and your shorts!"
J: "well I love your shirt. And your shorts. And your hair!"
A: "I love you shirt. And your shorts. And your hair. And your whole face.
J: "I love your whole self!!"

This is one sibling rivalry that I love hearing. The sweet compliments the boys give me are so sincere and innocent. Makes me feel so loved.


Merritt Pace said...

So funny! My favorite was "I love your whole self!" John and Andrew are absolutely precious. Have a super weekend!

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