Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dinner Talk

While making dinner...

Me: "Andy, did you have a good day today."
A: "Yes, I did."
Me: "I am so glad, honey. Can I have a hug from you?"
A: "No, you can't because I have my hat on."
Me: "Okay, what about a kiss? Can I have a kiss?"
A: "Yes, you may."
Me: "Thank you! (Kiss, kiss) I missed you today, Andy."
A: "I missed Daddy."

Long pause....

A: "but I do love you."

Wow, I am really feeling the love!

So after dinner, while I clean up one end of the kitchen, here is what happens to the other end of the kitchen:

This is why I do not put a lot of time into cleaning my house...one of the reasons anyway. :)

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Anna said...

You are so blessed!