Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grudge Holder

I was recently reading a friend's blog about her daughter who forgives, but does not forget.
It reminded me so much of our precious Andrew.

One time MONTHS ago John "burned" Andy's foot in the tub by turning on the hot water. When this happened it was scary. It could have been bad, but luckily it wasn't. Andrew's foot was not even red and I think that my gasp in response to John turning on the water was the real cause for the tears over the "burn".

Now, anytime the subject of burns comes up, you can bet what Andrew will say next.
Me: "Andy, back away from the stove; I do not want you to get burned."
Andy: "like when John burned my foot."
Me: "Do not touch the faucet; you might get burned."
Andy: "Yea, like when John burned my foot with the wather" (His "t's" are pronounced as "th")

Fast forward...

Wyatt found a small bottle in one of the cabinets and the boys were playing with it. We talked about the fact that this was the first bottle that John and Andrew drank from when they come home from the hospital. They are aware that they were "tiny babies" when they were born and had to stay at the hospital for 2 months while the doctors and nurses took care of them.

For some reason though, last night Andrew got fixated on the fact that we left him there.

We went to run an errand and from the backseat I hear Andrew talking.
"Mama, you left me at the hospital and I was crying."
Me: "No Andrew. You and John were together. You were not crying honey."
"Mama, you left me."
Me; "Andrew, we had to leave you so you could get well at the hospital. Daddy and I cried though. "
"No mama, you left me at the hospital and I cried."

Great....I might be hearing about this for the rest of my life.

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