Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making the List

This morning on the way to work the DJ's on 104.3 were talking about a list (recently published in some magazine) of things that every MAN needs to know how to do. Carve a turkey. Jump start a car. Put a dying animal out of its misery. Change a tire.

Check, check, check (although I can not think of an example), check.
My man can do all that!
However, they left one off: Build a swing set!!


Ashley built the twins the most wonderful swing set for their third birthday. It boasts a yellow slide, three swings (one for each boy), a fort, a ladder/climbing wall combo, and a mini picnic table. Ashley spent 20+ hours working on it and I have never seen the boys more excited about any present in their lives. But they were not the only ones who were excited. My heart swells with emotion every time I think about the masterpiece sitting in our backyard.

This was my dream of parenthood: Ashley. Me. Our kids. All outside smiling and laughing together playing on a swing set. So far away from the tubes and monitors that defined our experience as parents just three years ago. It's amazing how far they have come. It is also amazing to me how blessed I am to not only have three healthy sons in my life, but to also have a man who cares enough to build them a swing set...making all of our dreams come true.


amjackson said...

When Josh goes to build our boys a swing set can we call for assistance!?!?

Emily Wallace said...

Where did you get yalls swing set? I have been researching swing sets and saw a great one at Walmart but we would have to put it together. We keep on going back in forth on whether or not to get monkey bars. Our brother in law is an engineer and lives 8 minutes away and said he would help. Any advice?

Merritt Pace said...

Great post! I loved the part about the dreams for your boys. I can so relate.

Take care,

The Comers said...

what a great post. We really need a swingset, too. Where did you get it? Most of the ones I've seen and like are INCREDIBLY expensive. Please tell me you found an affordable AND great set somewhere. Anywhere. Share, please! :)