Monday, May 4, 2009


Night and Day.
Frick and Frack.
Andrew and John.

They share a birthday, but not much else. One wants to please, one does what he pleases. We have been trying to get the boys to get into potty training for quite some time. John, the pleaser, tries and grins from ear to ear when he has success.
Andrew declares that he loves diapers and does not know how to potty.

I thought for sure that John would be potty trained months before Andrew even cared.

Turns out that you offer the right piece of chocolate, magic things happen.
Andrew went all day without having an accident today. He made up his mind that he is staying dry and that is that...(for today).
We will see what tomorrow holds.
Cross your fingers!!

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Merritt Pace said...

Hi, Susan! I had a CRAZY time potty training Sam (do ya think it's a preemie thing)!! Finally, he decided one day that he was going to be trained. Good luck training the twins! Have a super week! I always love reading your posts.