Monday, May 18, 2009

Wyatt's well visit

Our baby is 15 months old today. He had his 15 month well visit this morning which turned out to be one of the few "well" well-visits that he has ever had.
It turns out that P is in the 50th % for weight at 25.1 and a whopping 95th% for height.
Daddy's best shot at a basketball player.
Is he walking? No.
Has he given up the bottle? No, not totally.
The doctor went on to tell me that I can start giving time outs now (FOR WHAT?) and said that we would probably start to see temper tantrums soon. According to our doctor, it's very important not to do anything to encourage that behavior (AND LET MY BABY CRY?) and that we should try to encourage him to move away from infancy.

3 shots later and we were leaving. Me and my baby.
Passy in the mouth, cellulite on the legs, just like I like 'em.
He's probably my last, so I am hanging on to the baby in P (with all my might).

Sorry Dr. Castles.

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