Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Graduates

May 27th marked a special day for Andy and John. They graduated from Anne Pitts CDC and officially became rising kindergartners. The production that their class put on for graduation was wonderful! Their class has had a circus theme all year so of course, the graduation ceremony was circus themed as well. After the parents watched a slide show of Mrs. Ashley's three ring circus, all the kids came into the gym dressed in their gowns and clown collars (sans caps since all good clowns have crazy hair) with painted noses. They paraded around a bit before taking their places in their seats at the front of the gym.

Then, in front of an audience of 75, one by one they each took the microphone to perform their speaking part of the program. Each child got a chance to show off a little something that he/she learned over the year.

My precious Andy started the presentation by asking the audience to join in the pledge. Then, of course, he let everyone know when it was time to be seated!

Halfway through the presentation John took center stage and recited numbers; he counted by 2's, 5's, 10's and backwards! It was so impressive.

Later Andrew took the mic again and gave us all a lesson in the alphabet (and in stacking cards in a very organized manner). He did amazingly well!

My cheeks hurt by the end of the presentation from smiling so hard. I had shed so many tears during the week that led up to graduation day, but during the ceremony I held them beneath the surface. Ashley and I watched our boys in awe of all that they have learned and in disbelief that the time has come for them to begin elementary school.

August will bring many more tears (from me) but for now we will just enjoy the summer, revel in our little graduates' success in pre-school and reminisce about the morning of May 27th...when we saw The Best Show on Earth!


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