Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding bells are ringing

I love weddings. I can cry at a wedding even if I do not know the people exchanging vows. Just remembering that feeling of saying my own vows to Ashley and reflecting on the excitement of starting off on our life together is such a sweet it.

Two of my youngest cousins are getting married this summer, this month, two weeks apart. I am so excited to see extended family, share this exciting day with my cousins and also reminisce about my own big day (8/18/01).

The boys are invited to one of the weddings. The inclusion of those three names on the invitation has proven to be the source of added excitement (and anxiety) for me. We let them sit in big church with us for practice (I keep telling myself that the wedding ceremony will likely be shorter than the church service) and we are doing some serious role playing at night. I should probably relax.

When I started telling the boys of my excitement that they were going to go to my cousin's wedding, they asked why I love weddings. I told them that weddings are sweet and touch a person's heart and that I also like to dress up.

Me: I am so excited for us all to get dressed up and share this special day with Kathryn.
Andy: (hands up in the air) I am going as buzz lightyear!!!

WOW! That would be hilarious. I won't allow it even though I could probably use the comic relief. It'll be so crazy to see these two, who I used to babysit, get MARRIED. I remember when they were born for goodness sake.
This takes me back to what seems to be the central theme of most of my blog posts. Life goes by so fast....seems like you can't look down for five minutes or you miss something.