Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Tucker

The boys are forced to share many things. They share our time, a room, a bed, clothes, the tub...the list goes on. They also share a best friend. His name is Jonathan Tucker. I guess since "John" and "Jonathan" sound so similar, the boys call him Tucker. Tucker stays with Miss Heather, so John and Andy spend every day with him. When it comes to the twins and Tucker, three is not a crowd. They love each other to death and have a ball together.

Saturday we celebrated Tucker's 3rd birthday at EdVenture. My boys had never been there so I had no idea what to expect. It was truly awesome. Next time my brother comes in town with his three kids, we will definitely go back.

Here are some pictures:

John in the car

John on the snowmobile in Snowville.

Wyatt playing with some plates in the playroom.

Andy and Tucker having fun in the car.

Andrew driving the tractor.

Sweet P. He was tired but never complained.
Thank you Tucker family for having such an awesome party at Edventure. We all had a blast.

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