Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweating the small stuff

Every mom has read the emails forwarded to make us all feel good about not getting everything done. You know the ones. The "don't sweat the small stuff, I should have worried less about grass stains and played with my kids more, they are gone before you know it" emails.

I actually feel pretty good when I get those emails. I do not spend much time worrying about dinner, or grass stains and I DO NOT WORRY about cleaning my house. It's actually pretty bad.
Pretty bad by my standards. Very bad by most people's standards. Ooof.

Today I dusted. Even behind the TV. And I vacuumed. I also threw away a whole trash bag full of stuff in my bathroom. If I have a forth baby, I will just buy new nursing pads.

Maybe I can keep up with this....maybe.

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