Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For about 3 weeks the big boys have been acting really bad at bedtime. They get in bed without much fuss, but when it is time to actually go to sleep, the trouble begins.

Our problems range from the need for water, the need for hugs, kisses, the light on, the door open, a baby (stuffed animal), a different blanket, a diaper change.
Then we also have hitting, biting, pinching, pulling hair and spitting on each other. All these come together and the result is screaming from one or both of them that usually wakes up P and sends both Ashley and I into orbit.

What happened to my sweet little bears that kissed us goodnight and never made another peep?

After nights of time outs and spanks, I decided to make a sticker chart tonight. Our "Bedtime Bears" chart is hung on the fridge and every boy has a column. If they get a sticker every day for a week, they can chose a prize. Part of me is annoyed that I have to resort to this, but I am also pretty psyched that it is 9:07, they are quiet, and I am watching some AI.

I fear that this success may be short-lived, so I welcome advise if anyone has dealt with this.

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The Comers said...

good luck. we struggle this it. it waxes and wanes as the mood strikes, but it drives B UP THE WALL. right now, we're in a relatively good phase, but who knows what next week (or tomorrow, for that matter) will bring.