Wednesday, February 11, 2009


John and Andy are very into whole names. We name family members and they give us the person's whole name.

Tonight at the table:

Me: "Do you know Nana's name?
JD: "Sandra Woods Gilfillan" (Her maiden name is actually "Wood", but that is close so I give it to him)
Me: "Ok very good, what is Granny Meg's name?"
JD: "Meg Kalmbach"
Me: "Very good. What about Pop?
JD: "Kenneth Gene Kalmbach"
Me: "Good. What about Daddy?"
Andy: "Ashley Robinson Gilfillan" (No, but he is combining my name with Ashley's name, plus Robert and Robinson are similar, so I think that is pretty good).

I do not have time to correct him though; John beats me to it.

JD: "No Andy, it's Robrett Ashley Gilfillan"
Me: "Okay, what about Papa?"


JD:"Wiggie Hills Gilfillan"
I just died laughing and did not even correct him. It was too cute to correct.
For some reason this still makes me die laughing, hours later.

In case you are wondering, Papa's name is actually Willie Higgins Gilfillan.

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Merritt Pace said...

Hilarious, Susan! Happy Valentine's Day!!