Monday, July 28, 2008

Been a while...

So much has been going on with us in the past three weeks that I barely know where to begin. Since I have last posted we have had a sick baby, two sick parents, a trip to the beach, a busted open head, a new job, and a lot of laughs! Wyatt, who is now weighing in at a whopping 19.4 pounds has bronchitis and an ear infection. He is on antibiotics and breathing treatments. Both Ashley and I have fought some kind of crud ourselves, but we are all on the mend.

We had a chance to go to the beach with our friends Shannon and Betsy Lockaby and their kids. It was very nice; we did not stay for long, but the kids truly enjoyed going to the beach and the pool. We were hoping that they were taking notes on behavior from Brenna and Aiden, but no such luck.

When we got back from our trip, I started a new job as the Program Manager for TechCentral onsite at BCBS of SC. It is a great position and I just hope that I am able to do a good job at work and at home. It's full time and the last thing I want is for the boys to suffer in any way from the added time away from me and Ashley. So far, so good though.

Hopefully I will start posting with more regularity again. The boys do so many things that keep us smiling.

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