Monday, July 28, 2008

What's for dinner?

Two nights ago...

Me: "John, What do you want for dinner tonight?"
John: "Applesauce"
Me: "Okay, you can have that, but what else would you like?"
John: "Doughnuts"
Me: "Sorry John, we are not having doughnuts for dinner. Would you like chicken?"
John: "Doughnuts"
Me: "John, chicken or a sandwich?"
John: "Doughnuts"
Me: "Seriously John, chicken or a sandwich. You need something to go with your applesauce."
John: "Doughnuts"


Ashley: "Andrew, would you like to drink water or milk?" (No sugary drinks after 5:00 PM is a new rule in an attempt to get the boys to sleep through the night; we feel like it is reasonable to expect them to sleep through the night at 2.5 years old, but what do we know?)
Andrew: "Apple juice"
Ashley: "That is not one of the choices. Water or Milk."
Andrew: "I wanna water, milk, no apple juice."
Ashley: "Son, chose water or milk."
Andrew: "Apple juice"
Ashley: "Andrew do you want water?"
Andrew: "Apple juice"

Ashley: (with a smile/sigh) "Okay buddy, you are going to get milk."

While I am not exactly sure why we give them choices, I also hope that they are always brave enough to be decisive and persistent all the time...not only when it applies to dinner.

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