Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Conversations at our house...

Right now our boys are all in the perfect stage of talking (Andrew and John forming their 4 and 5 word sentences) and making sounds (Wyatt cooing and gurgling). If I could tape record their every syllable and misused pronoun, I am convinced that I could make money selling it to moms and grandmothers everywhere. It is possible that I am slightly biased...maybe.

Since raising three young kids takes four hands (Ashley and I are both in the game at all times) all we can do is listen and watch while they grow up in front of our eyes.

Last night while making Wyatt a bowl of rice cereal, Andrew came over to see if I needed a "helper".

Andy: Mommy, I do'd it.
Me: No Andrew, let Mommy make Wyatt's cereal this time. ( I knew not to mention "rice" as that is currently his favorite foods and borderline obsession).
Andy: Mommy, I shake-a bottle.
Me: Actually honey, this is a bowl of cereal for him to eat (as I add water which is Andrew's other true love at the moment).
Andy: Fydo eata wadoo?
Me: Yes, baby, Wyatt is eating water.

This is funnier if you know how often "wadoo" is the topic of conversation at our house; they love to pour water, spray water, drink water from bottles, water plants, dunk their heads in water, splash water, say goodbye to water as it goes down the drain, etc.

And as I type a little water comes down my cheeks.

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lindler5 said...

there is your english major coming into play!! loved the last line of the post...perfect!