Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Ashley loves cars. We have been married for 7 years and I think that he has probably had 5 cars in that time. Don't get me wrong, he does not have extravagant cars, and he does not like to work on cars, but he likes cars. He can look on as a means of passing the time; I prefer taking a nap. He likes something new (new to him); he likes to look at cars as we go on long road trips and comment about the "new body style". Typically I have no idea what the new body style is, or the old one for that matter. I like cars that would be more expensive to maintain for a month than the cost of buying the car. If it is old and boxy with a random color of leather interior, chances are I like it. So practical. Poor Ashley. He has no one to discuss cars with...until now.

John, at 2 years of age, is already commenting on cars. On the way to Mrs. Heather's house in the morning he can always be heard saying "Daddy, whoa, look at that big truck!" He loves trucks, "cool buses", tractors and lawnmowers. If it has a motor and gets you from point A to B, John is in awe of it. Today on the way home John said, "Mama, WHAT is that?" in reference to a convertible in front of us.

Our conversation was something like:

John: "Mama, WHAT IS THAT?"
Me: "John, that is some kind of convertible which means that it is a car that you can take the roof off of"
John: (getting more excited) "Mama what IS IT?"
Me: "It's a convertible, sweetheart. Do you like it? Try to say that word...con-ver-ti-ble"
JOhn: "Conbertiber"
Me: "Yes, honey! Convertible!"
John: "Mama, let me SEE that car (insert Boston accent for the word "car"). I wanna say hey to it!!"

Me: "John, you and your daddy are going to have so much fun together honey."
(About that time I pulled in the turning lane to make a left into our neighborhood).

John: "Mama, WE HOOOOME"

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