Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Love/hate relationship

I have had over two years to distance myself from the NICU experience that I had with John and Andrew...a place where it was not out of the ordinary to see your child get poked with needles, receive blood transfusions, have assistance breathing, etc. By the time Andrew was just over a year old he had only had one ear infection. The problem was that it lasted like 4 months. Our pediatrician said he needed tubes so we were at the ENT a week later getting tubes...right then and there...in the office. They strapped my baby down and put tubes in his ears. He fought hard and emerged beet red and sweating but he was instantly a new baby. I knew we had done the right thing.

We just found out this week that Wyatt needs tubes. I know from experience that they will make him well again. He will sleep through the night again; little Pat Pat will feel better. Even so, the thought of my sweet baby getting tubes in his ears at 6 months of age is enough to reduce me to tears as I type this. I love the fact that there is a treatment out there that will make him feel good again, but I hate the fact that he has to go through this.


The Comers said...

tag, you're it. see my blog (www.comerfamilycircus.blogspot.com) for the rules and take the challenge, if you dare. hugs, nic

Emily Wallace said...

We are praying for Wyatt. Keep us updated!