Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Losing a son

I just started a new job recently...a very busy new job at a big company where I only know maybe 2% of the employees. It's very different from anywhere else that I have ever worked where I knew everyone very well, knew their children's names, knew what they did on the weekends and in some cases even knew what they ate for dinner the night before.

Today while eating lunch with 4 of the maybe 20 people that I know, I heard that someone who works there lost her son last night. He died in a car wreck. I do not know the lady whose son was tragically taken from her and chances are that I will never know her. I certainly won't hear stories about what she and her child did the weekend before.

I literally wanted to pass out just thinking about someone losing their son. All I could think is how I would be totally worthless if I were in her shoes. Unemployable. Unable to function except that I would find the strength to carry on for Ashley and my other two babies.
Sitting there wanting to cry for her loss my thoughts went to God. His only son, dying on a cross to save me...and my children...and anyone who accepts him. Absolutely amazing.

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