Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brought together by lindler5??

Today at church when we were about to pick up the kids I passed Merritt Pace and her husband, Steven. I said hello and Merritt spoke back to me and I wondered if she feels like she knows me like I feel like I know her. I read Ashley Lindler's blog all the time and of course I have clicked on all the blog's of her friends as well. As a result, I feel like I know people who I do not really know. Kind of weird I guess. Today I wondered if maybe they read my blog too. Do you know my kids' names and laugh at the funny things that happen at our house?

If so, please keep reading....and I will do the same. :)


Betsy said...

I feel the same way! I read your blog often and Mary Grace is in Sunday School with John & Andrew! So funny to "know" each other, but not in real life. -Betsy

lindler5 said...

i love that we can connect with each other through our blogs. with our lives as CRAZY as they tend to be, we don't get a chance to sit down & tell each other these things. so here we are together, working through our life.

Chadster13 said...

Ok... So, I have to admit, Susan and Ash... I am a cousin who thinks that your children are AWESOME! (You two are pretty cool too, by the way.) Comments and observations: GREAT pic of Pat-Pat with the invisible tooth! (I honesty can't see it, but it's a great shot.) Applause to you Susan on your piece about our new President. Pretty gutsy for where we live!!! Good job, Ash, on your timing to take the picture while all three of the boys were on the couch. (I think it was staged though! LOL) And, finally, the night that Andrew and Granny kept each other warm on the hayride will always stick in my mind. It was family at its best. KEEP UP THE GREAT BLOG AND THE GREAT PARENTING! CHAD
P.S. I am craving a hamburger steak.