Monday, September 29, 2008

Rained out

All week last week we had been promising the boys that if they were good, we could go to the Street Dance. They did not know what that meant, but they bought into it and every time they started to act up, we just had to give them a look and they would say "I be good. I wanna go street dance"!!
Friday rolled around and with it came rain...and cold. We could not go to the street dance but had to do something fun after we had been promising all week.
Ashley and I decided on Frankie's Fun Park.
The boys had a ball. They ran around like chickens and got sensory overload from all the lights, sounds and people.
After leaving Frankie's we went to dinner at San Jose. (John actually called Krissy, our favorite giraffe, out the window of the restaurant).
We packed in the car to head home and the boys wanted to know where we were going next.

John:"where andybody going daaad?"
Ash: "we are going home now buddy."
Andy:"we not going home dad?"
JD:"we not go your house daaad."

Andy and JD:"WE GO FRANKIE'S HOUSE"!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we can go back to Frankie's house sometime soon.

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