Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boo Bah Funny

If you have spent much time with John, you have heard him mention the name "Boo Bah" more than once. Boo Bah, whose name is actually Johnathan Arnold, goes to the Rabit's Nest with John. We talk about Boo Bah a lot at our house.

Susan: John, you are silly!
John: Boo Bah Silly!

John, you are funny.
Boo Bah Funny!

John, you are cute!
Boo Bah cute!

John, you are a mess!
Boo Bah may-us!

We can be driving into our neighborhood and John is still saying "Bye Boo Bah!"
John thinks Boo Bah is so cool...and he is! He is older, he tinkles on the potty, he can talk really well, etc.

I have always worried a little about John getting along with the other kids because, even though he has the biggest heart in the world, he is "the biter".

All my fears were laid to rest this morning though! When we pulled up at Heather's, Boo Bah opened the door and John squeeled with excitement...which is normal. But John was not the only one who was excited. I could not get John out of the car fast enough. Boo Bah wanted to know "Where's John? Where's John?"

Both of their little faces lit up when they saw each other! They hugged, threw a few rocks, got yelled at to be careful and went inside to start their day together.

My heart smiled on the way to work. John's little friend Jonathan loves him just as much as our JD "budge" Boo Bah!!

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