Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Concert and Cookout

Sunday night at our church there was a concert and a "cook-out" (hot dogs and burgers inside). Nana, Papa, Uncle Chad, Ash, the boys and I all went and had a blast. A great group of young singers from Arkansas came to sing. It was a wonderful concert not because their voices were wonderful, but because their hearts were in it. Now that I have children I look at things so differently. All I could think during the concert was how proud their parents must be!

But...they could not be any prouder than I was of Pat Pat. He went to the concert with us because I could not bare to put him in the nursery twice in one day. He did not make a peep. He sat and listened to the music for a while and then went to sleep in Mommy's arms!

The twins LOVED the cook-out. They were so happy to see Nana and Papa and loved eating their hotdogs with c-pap (John's way of saying ketchup) and chips. John also had fun cheering for the winners of the desert contest!

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