Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another first

Our little Pat tried rice cereal for the first time last night. He did not love it, he did not hate it. He took it with a smile (like he takes most things in life). Andrew and John cheered him on and wanted to take a turn feeding him too; I told them they could try once he got a little better at eating and after some fussing, they moved on to something else. It is so hard to believe that Wyatt is already eating cereal. Before I know it he will be crawling, then walking and then telling me "NO" like his brothers do now. It's amazing how fast time passes when you have children. I wish it would slow down and that I could keep them this age a little longer. While I look forward to each stage in their lives, I do not want to give up their sweet smell, their soft skin, their mispronunciations. Ever since becoming pregnant I have always heard that there is nothing like a mother's love. I used to wonder if they would ever know how much I love them (since they are all boys) but then I see their dad looking at them and realize that I am wrong....if they have children one day, they will know.

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