Monday, June 2, 2008

What a weekend!!

This was a very big weekend at the Gilfillan house!

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo. We went early in hopes of beating the crowds and the heat and Ashley and I did not have very high hopes for the trip. Usually John and Andrew bicker in their stroller, want to get out and walk, do a lot of whining, etc. when we go to the zoo (or anywhere that they have to sit in the stroller for that matter). This trip was totally different though. The boys were both very interested in all the animals. They looked at each exhibit intently and made comments about certain animals. John saw a bear and said "HONEY" (that is Granny Meg's dog's name) and at the monkey exhibit Andrew said "Monkey funny"! Wyatt chilled in the baby bjorn the whole time sleeping. I think everyone there was as taken with him as they were any of the animals. Everywhere we went people smiled at us and said "awww, look at that baby!!"

Saturday night we had a birthday party for Granny Meg. The boys had fun hanging out with GM and Pop. GM read them books, Pop fed Wyatt twice, and when it was time to go to bed...the boys got to move our of their cribs. Ash took the cribs down and they slept on mattresses on the floor. We were very proud of them because it went very well. They made the transition pretty easily and have only gotten up a few times. They get up very early in the morning now, which is brutal, but I know that before long I will have to drag them out of bed to get them off to school, so I will just try to enjoy these days while they last.

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