Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weekend the boys went swimming, not once but twice in one day, in two different pools, in two different states. Our Saturday morning started by going to Granny Meg and Pop's house to pick them up before heading to the pool in their neighborhood. I think Pop was more excited than anyone else! There were so many of us that we had to take two cars. The pool was like bath water. John wanted to get in and out over and over again. Andrew enjoyed jumping off the side to me and Pop. He went under, blew bubbles in the water, kicked his feet and moved his arms. That boy is going to be on the swim team I think. Wyatt and Granny Meg stayed in the shade while the rest of us played for as long as we could stand the heat, which was not long. There were actually two other sets of twins at the pool. 7 kids total, all twins except for Wyatt. What are the odds of that?

After a PB&J lunch we hit the road for Gastonia to visit Coach, GG, Grandmama and Granddaddy. We arrived in Gastonia napped and ready to go! Well I did not take a literal nap, but I did zone out to the sound of my three sleeping beauties snoring all the way up I77. They are so beautiful when they sleep...long eyelashes and precious little chests barely rising and falling.

Swimming in Gastonia was even more short lived due to heat and misbehavior, but at least they got to get wet. We had a delicious dinner and headed for home.

I knew something was wrong when Wyatt started screaming (that baby RARELY screams). He was hungry...again. It takes a lot of calories to maintain that girth! So, after buying a case of water in order to get one that was not cold, Wyatt got his diaper changed and a bottle and he was as good as new.

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Ash said...

Nice suits boys... Don't worry Mom will not dress you forever!