Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ashley and I are working hard to teach the boys the concept of sharing. It's not something that any of them are good at yet...or even okay at yet honestly. We are constantly taking things away because they first refuse to share, then start pulling the toy (or whatever it is) back and forth, then usually head butting and/or biting, slapping or pinching follows. Good times.

So today we are on the way home from Heather's house; the twins are in the way back (like always). Andrew got a sucker today, so he is happy. John did not get a sucker because he jumped on Heather's couch after she asked him to stop three times.
John says to me, 'Mama, I want a lick of Andrew's sucker."
"Ask him nicely and see if he will share, John" I respond.
As the words are coming out of my mouth I am kicking myself. Why did I say that? Andrew will say no, John will start sobbing and I will have to listen to him screaming the rest of the way home.
John: "Andy, can I have a taste of your sucker?"
Andy: "Yes, John" (handing the sucker over to him)
John turns the sucker around in his mouth a few times and hands it back. A couple seconds pass.
John: "Andy, lemme have another lick of your sucker."
Andy: "okay"

I am watching them in the rear view mirror in disbelief.
Me: "Well aren't you sweet Andy! How nice of you to share your sucker! What do you tell him John?"

John: "'Preciate it. 'Preciate it Andrew!"

The whole exchange was so precious. Andy sharing something he LOVES and John expressing his 'preciation. What sweet boys!


Melinda said...

Keep on treasuring those moments...it's good springboard when all the other virtues take there time presenting themselves. :) And yes, grab you a crochet hook and some yarn...we'll learn together.

Merritt Pace said...

So cute!!! :) Happy New Year!