Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zupe it

For as long as I can remember John has said "zupe" instead of "zip".

"Mama, I zupe my jammies myself."
"I gonna zupe my jacket."
"You zuping Wyatt's sweater?"

Tonight we were reading Carl's Christmas, which we have read practically every night since May. It's a picture book, but we go through the story the same way night after night. It begins with Carl bringing the baby downstairs, wrapping a present and then the dog helps the boy get dressed.

Me: "what's that doggie doing?"
John: "zipping his jammies"
Me: "what did you say?"
John: "zipping up those jammies."
Me: "yep, he is zuping them (my heart sinking)."
John: "Yep, zipping them."
Me: "You're right honey....zipping them."

Awww, my baby is growing up so fast. I have to zupe my lip to keep from crying.

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