Monday, December 1, 2008


For as long as I can remember, my heart has been a little heavy on holidays. I am not sure if it started soon after my parents got divorced, but I remember being young and wishing I could be in two places at one time. I remember feeling an uneasiness and wondering what my dad was doing, what my mom was doing, what my brother was doing. I was usually missing someone or driving to see someone, neither of which I think are a great way to spend a holiday.

This year was something entirely different.

Ashley's parents had my family for Thanksgiving. My family. Not just my mom and not just my brother, but both. And their spouses. And my brother's three children who are all under 5. The only things missing were my dad and step-mom, but I knew that they were having a great time in Florida and for what seemed like the first time in a while, I had inner peace on a holiday.
After eating a delicious lunch everyone went outside and threw football. The kids threw rocks in the lake and the adults sat around and watched the kids and the view and enjoyed each other's company.
Were we filming a Hallmark commercial? Nope, this was our Thanksgiving.
Maybe this is a new tradition?
Even if we never do it again, it will always stand out in my mind as a wonderful day.

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Chad said...

It was a great day, Susan. All of the family had a great time. I am glad that you did, as well. (I hope we have some good pictures from the day!)