Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Andrew and John started swimming lessons tonight. They are taking lessons from a girl who gives private lessons at her house. I just found out tonight that she teaches lessons in order to pay for college. How impressive. You have to respect someone who, at age 20, has the maturity to work themselves through school. That makes the price a little more palatable, as does the ease with which they went to bed tonight.

When we arrived, Sarah was wrapping up another lesson. The boys were clinging to me like little koala bears. They wanted nothing to do with Sarah. It did not take long though and she had them jumping to her, practicing kicks, paddling and putting their face in the water. John, as usual, wanted to please her and did everything that she said to do. Andrew was his usual self as well. When asked to practice his kicks he said in his most put upon voice, "Acck Miss Sarah, I already did that!"

The boys already made progress in one lesson; in two weeks I hope to have two doggie padddlers on my hands.

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Merritt Pace said...

Do you know if your swim teacher is accepting any more "students?" Sam is in desperate need of swimming lessons. If possible, would you send me her contact info (samsmommy@gmail.com)?


Have a super week! :)