Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day should be relaxing and restful. It should be a day where your children listen and you feel appreciated and loved for all the you do for them 365 days a year. Father's Day should be a day filled with good food, you should watch what you want on TV, and everything should go your way.

Father's Day at our house was not exactly what it should have been. It included whining, fighting, more whining, pants wetting, and hitting (all before church). It also included gifts that need to be returned, complaining, Noggin watching, temper tantrums, time outs and laundry.

Ashley, even though it was not the best day, we love you and hope that you know that you are the best dad and husband we could ever ask for.

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The Comers said...

I stepped in to help out in wyatt's room yesterday b/c there were lots of crying babies. wyatt was so funny, toddling around. he'd look at me with this sad face and say "mama? mama?" and then he'd turn to someone else, giggle, and say "bubbles". he was torn, not able to decide if he was going to be sad over missing his mama or be happy and play with the bubbles. v. sweet. :)