Friday, May 23, 2008

Another week...

Even though has been about a week since I have written anything about the three boys, there has not been a dull moment around the house. Last night we were reading books and talking about body parts. I am trying to teach them all the body parts. They know the obvious ones of course, but we were brushing up on elbows, toenails, etc. I pointed to my knee and asked John and Andrew what is was called. John, my rough and tumble child, who is constantly getting cuts and scrapes said "that's boo boo"!! I guess he has heard that he has a boo boo on his knee so many times that he thinks that is what you call a knee.

Last night Wyatt reached a particularly sweet milestone!! Just after he finished his middle of the night bottle, he started laughing hysterically! He was grinning from ear to ear and belly laughing like he has never done before. What a sweet sound.

Andrew was out of his crib (again) this morning when I went in to get he and John ready to go to Ms. Heather's. That little stinker has the best tan. He has a farmer's tan from playing outside and when I dressed him I thought about what my parents used to say to me all the time as a child..."you're as brown as a berry!"

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