Friday, May 16, 2008

Middle of the night

Last night Wyatt woke up about 3:00 AM for his feeding and I dragged myself into his room, half asleep still and half annoyed...then I laid my eyes on that beautiful baby. We got on the couch together and I just looked and him and thought that instead of being annoyed with being awake, I should cherish that time that I have with him. Since Wyatt is the third, I hardly have any time alone with him. So, there we were in the quiet, in the dark, looking at each other and that little sweetheart gave me the biggest smile! Milk actually fell out of his mouth! He is going to be a lady killer. My heart has already been melted!!
So, I put him back to bed, got back in my bed and before I knew it, everyone was up again. I walked in Andrew and John's room to find Andrew chilling in the rocking chair (out of his crib AGAIN) and the chaos started. Why is it such a big deal to get your diaper changed? You would think that the boys would welcome someone coming in and removing a 5lb urine soaked diaper from their bottoms, but NOOOOOOOO!! So, my eyes are barely even open and I am already fussing....which makes me feel guilty, of course. Why can't I be more patient? They finally get the table and milk will not do...only "APPIE JUICE!!!" I guess I will feel more guilty when their teeth rot out.

Note: If I misspell a word, it is b/c I am writing it like the boys say it!! :)

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