Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

The boys had a great weekend...and so did Ashley and I!! Sandra and Will, the angels that they are, offered to keep all three boys for us this weekend so that we could have a break. It was wonderful for everyone! Andrew, John and Wyatt had a great time with Nana, Papa, Granny, Vicki and Earl and Ashley and I had a wonderful time eating out, going on the boat and relaxing! We got the boys back on Sunday after church and we were welcomed back to parenthood with a bang...or a scream. John had an upset stomach in the nursery that ruined his shorts and his socks. Everyone was hungry on the way home so all three boys screamed all the way from downtown to home. Ashley and I just looked at each other and smiled thinking "they're baaaaaaack!" The rest of the weekend was great though. Yesterday the bears and I went to see Granna Ann. She let Andrew and John ride on her new walker that has wheels and they loved it. They played outside and had a great time. Yesterday afternoon we finished up the weekend by playing outside in the sprinkler. Andrew is a bigger fan of the sprinkler and the hose than John. He loves to squirt the hose and each time before he squirts the water he says, "watch this John". Their new thing to say is "ready, set, go" which actually comes out like "RET, SET, Gooooooo". They are so cute....
And Wyatt....he is the sweetest baby in the world. I could just eat him up. He seems to be getting fatter by the day. We actually have to take his diaper off to let his rolls "air out" at night. We are so blessed to have these three beautiful boys in our lives. As Andrew would say "Thank you Jesus!!"

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