Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay, so last night Ashley spent a long time (I am not sure how long, but it was a long time) taking apart the boys cribs so that we would gain about 5 inches in height (making it 5 inches harder for them to crawl out of bed). I think that they knew that we were plotting against them b/c both boys were hysterical when it was time to go to bed. John even got a spanking from me (which then made me cry at dinner...and can I mention that we did not sit down to eat until around 9:00 PM).
So at 4:00 AM we had not heard anything from Andrew and John. I was so excited. Then at 5 ish the howling started. Andrew screamed at the top of his voice, "mommy up, mommy up" for a long time, but I tried to ignore him because he was stunk in his crib. Ashley and I even had a "conversation" about it where I remember him saying something about being consistent. So anyway, at 6:00 I heard Wyatt crying and got up and guess who was in his room!! ANDREW! He was standing by the crib whispering "no cry, Wyatt". Then when I asked him what he was doing in there (loudly) he said, "Shhhh, John's seeping"

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