Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hair cuts

Yesterday John and Andrew got haircuts!! Granny Meg and Wyatt went with us. Granny Meg almost always comes along for back-up! I have actually only taken them for haircuts by myself once because you never know how it is going to work out. There was one time when mom and I took them that I actually had to put Andrew in time out (still wearing his haircut cape) in the corner of the salon. Everyone looked at me like "wow, there is contestant #1 for the Mother of the Year contest!". Much to my surprise, both of the boys were AWESOME yesterday. They sat in the chairs like big boys eating their suckers while Ms. Denise transformed their near-mullets into the cutest little cuts that you have ever seen! Even though they are older now, I still hate to see that pretty blonde hair hitting the ground. During John's turn, hair fell on his sucker and he said "may-us" (that is "mess" said in most Southern accent possible) several times, which was very cute. Both boys got new hairless suckers and thanked Ms. Denise very nicely when we were done. Then we got to run through the rain back to the car. Wyatt, Granny Meg and I were all so proud of the bears!

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