Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend

I am so tired that I feel like all the funny memories are blurred together; what a wonderful Mother's day weekend!
The twins are ready to move out of their cribs...I'm not ready for this though. For the past week, they have been crawling out and this weekend was no different. Ashley and I keep putting them back in bed. We go check on them through the bathroom that connects their room with Wyatt's. We peek in ready to bust them for crawling out of bed, but end up spending most of the time laughing at the crazy things they do.
Saturday Ashley checks on them and comes back laughing...John has the blanket over his head and is sitting up and falling down over and over. Then I hear noise and check on them....both boys have their blankets over their heads and are jumping up and down in their cribs. Finally, I make a palate on the floor and Andrew goes to sleep. John never sleeps and the rest of the day is filled with fussing as a result.
Sunday...I wake up on Mother's Day with Andrew in bed with us (even though I barely remember bringing him in)! One of the first things he says (after his dad tells him to) is "Happy Mommy's Day"! That was a gift in and of itself.
The Lord has blessed me with three beautiful sons and we got the honor of dedicating Wyatt on Mother's Day! What a special day to introduce our baby to the church and promise to raise him to know the Lord! The big boys acted slightly crazy at church, but it was cute. Andrew could be heard on TV saying "mommy's funny" and John ran from my arms to sit with Nana. We had Granny, Will, Sandra, Meg, Kenny, Terry and Gail over for lunch afterwards and had a great time. Once everyone left, we tried naps...ended up on the floor again.
Last night Ashley peeked in several times and heard andrew talking to john...."HAY DOWN JOHN!!" We can not wait until they actually start having conversations!

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